The mplayer2 team doesn’t provide official binaries of the software. We recommend you to build it yourself from the current git HEAD or download one of the unofficial binaries.

Source code

There are two main alternatives to build the player. First is to use system libraries for all dependencies. Since the FFmpeg/Libav versions available on many Linux distributions are old, in many cases this will either not produce an optimal result or will require extra manual work to update the libraries first.

For this reason there exists a separate build helper repository that first builds an up-to-date version of Libav libraries and libass and then builds the player statically linked against those.


See this FAQ entry about interaction with existing MPlayer installations.

Git repository Description
mplayer2.git Player only
mplayer2-build.git Helper that automatically builds new Libav and some other dependencies too. Recommended for most users.

Unofficial binaries

These binaries are provided by third parties. Use at your own risk!

Windows binaries by lachs0r (may contain untested extra functionality)
Mac OS X binaries by pigoz (may contain untested extra functionality)
Linux Provided through each distribution’s package repositories.


Packages provided by some Linux distributions are really old (2.0 release). It is not recommended to use such an old version of mplayer2, and you should notify the distro maintainers to help getting this resolved.

Previous releases

You can find an archive of our releases via HTTP or FTP.